I spend as much time outside as I possibly can, engaged with the natural world. As a fly fisherman I occupy a space that includes both predator and prey, and in a genuinely spiritual sense I become the creatures I am interacting with. My awareness and my compassion expand by this intimate activity.

In my writing, I strive to make this empathy cross the boundary between us as well, to communicate insight and thoughtfulness about our place in the universe. It is a joy and a responsibility.

As an artist, I inhabit my work in the same way, becoming the objects and connections as they are created. Making visual art continually fine-tunes my own awareness and vitality. The interaction of elements in these works of art is designed to enable the viewer to question exactly what is seen, and thereby kick-start the questioning of his or her own perception.

Above art by George Jacobi


George Jacobi lives and works in Mansfield, CT, adjacent to the University of Connecticut and Eastern CT State University. His artistic pursuits jump from writing to music to visual art (and always have); he is a fly fisherman, a hiker, and an amateur naturalist. He is active in Joshua’s Trust, Trout Unlimited, and the Friends of Trail Wood.

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