Heal The Earth: April 22. 2020

Happy 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2020!

This idea and structure, as well as some of the words, come from Ed Sanders at the exorcism and levitation of the Pentagon, October 21, 1967, updated for a new century and a new challenge.  As Ed suggests: “Nonviolent direct action. At once.”

We meet here today in this electronic community, all of us, old and young, to demand the healing of Earth. With wailing trumpets, with crying violins, with our enraged voices, we hereby offer this desperate litany. In the name of the amulets of seeing, marching, touching, singing, and loving, we invoke the limitless powers of the cosmos to bless our holy ceremony.

In the name of Gaia, in the name of Pan, in the name of Yoruba Orisha and Magna Mater, in the name of all the creatures who have lost their habitat, in the name of all living beings killed out of convenience and fear. In the many names of the ever-breathing planet.                  

 In the name of sea-born Aphrodite, in the name of the Apple-Tree Man and the Dryads and Naiads, in the name of Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, and of course Dionysius. In the name of Artemis, in the name of Papatuanuki, in the name of Ashoka-sundari and St. Francis and the long-gone Nymphs of the Lower East Side.

 In the names of Prithvi, Abnoba, Viridious, Neptune, Kali, and Tuli, in the names of Anubis, Asimov and Abbey, in the names of Eisely and Emerson, Carson, Leopold, and the Pat Paulsen for President coffee klatch.

In the name of the unnamable, we call upon the Great Spirit. We call upon the spirit to come down in the warm jungle rain, to swim out of the deepest turquoise waters, to rise up from fire-filled Earth. In the name of the eternal cycle, where all good things come around again, we call on you now. We call on the bees, and the trees, and the worms, and the rhizomes that remember, we call upon the Woolly Mammoth and the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, we call on the volcano and the lightning and the stars – help us defend the Earth. Heal the Earth. Heal the Earth. Heal the Earth. Amen.